Redeem Points

We are excited about our new Reward Points Program.

This is a way to say thanks for participating in our events.  This was developed as an effort to reward our loyal teams and fans for your support and a way to give back to the most deserving.

Each time you register and pay online you will receive 10 times the amount you spend in HoopPlay points.  Example:  a tournament that cost $175.00 and is paid online the team/coach will receive 1,750 HoopPlay Reward points.  The fans and spectators may purchase HoopPlay Buck that can be used to for concessions, admissions and sometime at vendor/sponsors booths. 

You will register for you account online and be given a code that you will use at the events or for online purchases. 

You may redeem your points for a large array of awards.  A few examples would be:

                 Future Events,         Attractions

                 Gate Fees,                Equipment

                 Hotels,                      Uniforms

                 Restaurants,              Apparel

                 *many other items to be named.  

The online catalog will change often and be updated for your use.  You will be able to view the online catalog, manage or redeem your points from your laptop or smart phone.   Rewards points are not transferable to other individual or teams. 

We hope you enjoy the Rewards Program and even redeem them outside of our events.