Rules & Regulations


Thank you for bringing your team to Hoopplay USA, presented by Elite Sporting Events; a leader in youth basketball tournaments.

We will use the National Federation High School rules for all games with the noted exceptions. is grade based. Report cards, a principal letter or school annual can be used to prove grade. We will check proof when a protest is registered. PLAY HONEST! Teams may press or play full court defense until the scoring margin reaches 15 points (3rd-6th grade) or 20 points (7th-senior high), at this time, the winning team can only play half court defense and the clock only stops for time outs. We will play two 18-minute halves for 3rd grade through 6th grade and 20 minute halves for 7th grade and up. During the last two minute of each half, the clock will stop on all dead balls. We ask all coaches to instruct their players to raise their hand if they commit a foul. When a player is to shoot foul shots, we ask that you hurry your team to the foul line and lane. Overtime is 2 minutes and time-outs carry over. Teams without a time out will be given one. Teams will be given a five-minute warm-up time between games and a four-minute halftime. Each team will have 4 full time-outs per game. The team listed first is responsible for the official book and the team listed second is responsible for the clock, if not provided by Elite Sporting Event staff, be prepared in advance for these duties each game. We will use a 28.5 inch ball for all girls and boys grades 3-6 and 29.5 for 7th grade boys and up. Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players, bench personnel and fans. Coaches and players will be ejected on the second technical foul for the remainder of the tournament and if a fan is ejected, they will not be allowed back in for the remainder of the event and will not be given a refund. A player, coach or fan that is ejected for fighting will be ejected for the remainder of the tournaments. Be a good role model! You must check the posted times for changes. We will start games early. Be at least an hour early to each game unless you are the first game of the day. In pool play, when it is not feasible to play round robin, teams are drawn at random. Teams are seeded out of pool play and all teams advance to bracket play. Teams finishing with the same record in pool play or in playing a round robin championship, we will use the following rules for tie breakers, 1st record, 2nd head to head, 3rd total point difference of all games you played with a maximum of 15 points for any one win and 7 points for forfeit wins, 4th coin toss. Refunds will not be made once the schedule is posted!